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This is the final shot [Feb. 8th, 2008|05:19 am]
[mood |determined]

Consider this your final warning.

After watching you attempt to attack me again and again without ever gaining a single blow against me, it is time for me to write my final post about the PNs and their attack against me on their wiki page they created for me. 

After you posted my address and telephone number, I called the Federal Bureau of Investigations and the American Civil Liberties Union.  You have already violated US Federal law by illegally posting my personal information without authorization.  I know that you also gained that information illegally which means now you all are subject to incarceration for violation of federal statutes. 

As for the ACLU, well once they take my case, you can expect a large lawsuit to finally end the PN once and for all.  Your constant violation of others civil rights and the continuing harassment you give toward your targets, not to mention your flagrant disregard for their personal information and copyrights they have on artwork shows there is a complete disregard for the american legal system and the rule of law in the united states. 

If you are laughing because you are a minor, don't laugh now because for the fact that if you are a minor, I can file suit against your parents to get at you, and I will file for damages for the harm you intend to cause.  Now I bet you all are thinking lawl he can't find us, as soon as a case is started on you, and a sub poena is filed to get the information on just one of you, say the person that pays verizon for the website to be up, then they can also, upon arrest and search warrant, take that hard drive to find the rest of you since no doubt you have all given each other your real names and addresses.  Even if you haven't I am betting the first person that falls will attempt a plea bargain to get a lesser sentence because this almost assuredly goes into the realm of a RICO case, which usually leads to 10-20 year sentences in the federal prison system.  That means your people will start singing to keep themselves in jail for shorter sentences. 

I waited and now have screenshots and hard copies of those screenshots and waited for threats to come in.  You all have provided all the visual evidence that will be needed to prove this is a case of harassment and intimidation and that federal laws regarding intimidation in connection with a federal crime, elevate you to a different level of criminal intent.

I will no longer need to post about the PN here as I will not waste my time any further since this most certainly will cause them to start swinging wildly at me to silence me.  I have given the feds everything they need to complete the case and to run the table on all of you.  And since I know the PN will go on to attack the church of scientology, that will further deplete the remaining members to oblivion since the church of scientology has a legal department along with much more money to fight back than I do.  Remember your glory days on the internet in 2006 and 2007 because 2008 will be known as the year the PN fell and disappeared for good.  My banner is now raised and the fight is on. I shall never give in to the likes of you!  I shall be your downfall.  You had been warned time and time again not to mess with me, instead you did it anyway.  Once my personal information was illegally posted, I had all the cause I needed to go forward and fire the shot to end you. 

There will be no surrender to halt your ultimate destruction.  You shall be no more very soon.
The twilight of the PN has come, and the dawn of a new reign has arisen to take their place.  The dawn of righteousness and the sword of justice will now come down and tear them asunder. 
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Look this up why don't you [Feb. 7th, 2008|05:19 pm]
[mood |artistic]

So once more the PNs seem to think I am not reading their site correctly.  I see who contributed last you morons.  I see N3x update the 9/11 piece, then more from frizzlefry, then the person that is reading this is bladentastic.  I also have noticed another thing, when they are updating that page!  I saw they edited part of the page at 4 in the morning, wow and we have no life or so the pn would like you to believe. 

I think its funny that these xenophobic sorts always fail to grasp that none of their tactics will ever work.  By the way, that last sentence will cause them to be thinking about what that word means and that should take them all night to figure that one out. 

It gets funnier with my bade that they have on the site.  They added the yellow spot to the picture, as if that was supposed to bother me.  They also felt puzzled when I froze one of their people in second life and put them in a diaper and took a picture, which was then sent around for some good laughs from all who saw it.  What is funnier is they still  claim it was me that put the diaper on the person which the answer is no.  I  just froze the target and let someone else put the diaper on him.  They were puzzled why I would use my own fetish as an insult towards them.  How about that you all find it disgusting and knowing that I am presuming that the same thing forced onto one of you would produced the desired effect to occur.

They don't understand that their attacks are bringing more allies to my side.  This is the same reason Al-Qaeda was pushed out of Al Anbar province.  I know they feel my writings are hilarious but the surprise part is that it has opened my mind to be able to write creatively again, which I have had a knack for since I was a kid. 

 I am a leader and that annoys them most of all, the ability to be a leader and not a follower like them.  The PNs are merely sheep.  Even N3X is not a leader since he takes his marching orders from the leaders of anonymous.  N3X did not even rise to lead the PNs, he had to pull a coup to do so since all the leaders they had before him turned on the PN.  That was nice fun watching the chaos that ensued after mudkips left. It was quite entertaining to see all of them scatter, acting confused on who were the spies and who were the members.
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Interesting post in my PN page [Feb. 7th, 2008|05:12 am]
[mood |amusedamused]

This I thought was interesting coming from that eloquent PN known as frizzlefry101:  N3X15 has a wife? lololol

Now here's the funny part,is frizzle inferring that he doesn't know N3X has a wife or is he inferring that N3X is gay?

It also gets better when whichever one of the main 3 authors of my PN wiki is watching this page, whether it be Roflkopter, Frizzlefry, or even N3X,they always get the information I type wrong.  I'd like to know how you always get that incorrect every time?  Does the PN simply have a criteria for joining that has this as the checklist?

1. Can you speak in internet ebonics also known as 1337 speak?
2. Do you have Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder?
3. Can you pretend to act like you are an african american and type massive stereotypes to further state that you are a young black man even though you are a pasty looking white kid that hasn't seen the light of day in a month?
4. Is Gimpy from undergrads your idea of a true role model?
5. Can you take a script that one of our authors took a few hours to make and use it ineffectively for 5 minutes before you get your account banned in second life?

Face it, your tactics are pathetic!  You have my rl information, you know my sim names, you have spammed my email account, and you have mimicked my lj page.  Yet I am still hitting back.  You can never stop me from speaking my mind and continuing the fight against you.  In the end I will be the victor and you will be shown yet again as the complete failures you always have been.  Your Wired reporter got banned in less than 2 hours on your raid.  You have lost 2 of your leaders who have left or retired and you are attacking them.  You have a 30 year old guy named N3X15 that lives in Texas that looks like he could have been a stunt double for Timothy McVeigh, and the rest of your members aren't old enough to get a driver's license.

BTW, I also know who the spies are that you have hidden in my group in second life.  I don't need to ban them either since they didn't get you my address that is illegally listed on your website. 
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PNs fail [Feb. 6th, 2008|02:25 pm]
[mood |accomplished]

So you all decided to read my LJ and post it to that page of mine again huh?  You say I fail to read when have you looked at the history where Frizzlefry states this:  EXPANDING JUST TO SPITE RAVEN OH I MEAN "Trisi", MOAR TO COME.

That line was preceded by this:
Undo revision 3240 by Trisi (Talk) lol who said you could change that

So who is too deep in their RP to read again? 

Seems to me you have no idea who went into your wiki and changed things around on you.  First you thought it was me, then you say it was Corsi.  But you are right, I didn't read a damn thing on my article now did I?

I suggest you guys get your facts straight before posting about me.  BTW N3x, how is the weather down in Texas this time of year?  Did you get your car out of the shop yet from when your wife wrecked it?

Added Information:
So now that the PNs know I am reading the history of their changes, they have gone and are trying to send insults through the comments in the history.  They have also attempted spamming my email account.  All i gotta say is wow, your lives must just suck that the only way you can get joy in your life is by thinking you can cause harm to someone else. 

Frizzlefry, I am betting your age is 15, Nex, i know you are about 30.  Here's whats worse, you all know my real name, yet not a single one of you has the balls to show your true name either so why the game of hiding who you are especially since you all feel that you won't take a ride in the FBI party van.  Could it be the fact that deep down you know you will go for a ride in that van and as soon as the first one of you is interrogated, your entire organization will be in deep trouble and your members will scatter as the police break down door after door across the country arresting the whole lot of you.

Have fun with your war with the church of scientology, which will showcase, yet again, what kind of pathetic and misguided individuals you all are.  it will also prove my point again that you are failures and always will be a disappointment to everyone in your lives.

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FC was fun [Feb. 3rd, 2008|04:57 pm]
[mood |drunkdrunk]

So another FC, another fun time with my friends.  We even saw a Patriotic Nigra there.  They were wearing their nice afro wig, a suit, and also a bandana over his face. In all it was a fun time and I met  a great many new friends and even some whom i had only met in second life previously.

It has been brought to my attention that there is a page dedicated to me on the PN wiki.  They even put personal information about me and stole one of my commissioned art pieces to alter and use on this page.  I went and read the article which was the normal for a PN website, bad grammar, internet speak, the new computer geek's version of ebonics, and their normal propaganda.  I also read the history on the page.  Here is the funny part, someone altered the page and they attributed the edits that were made to me.  Here's the thing, and all of you PNs should know this, when I posted against you in the SLH, I used my character name every time.  N3X15, and Frizzlefry101, if I was going to alter my own page, i would have the balls to do it with my own name.  Show some courage and show your own names or are you afraid of the same thing you try to do to your targets?  Are you all afraid of being outted as the Furries you all are? 

Know this N3X15, i know your secrets.  I know you are a furry.  I know you have run furry porn websites.  Why the double life huh N3X!5?  Why not tell all your minion your secrets, or are you afraid they will toss you aside too?  I don't care anymore about what you all do to me.  I have my own life to lead and I won't let a bunch of punks take me down.
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To all my new friends from MFM! [Sep. 9th, 2007|12:07 pm]
[mood |cheerfulcheerful]

I must say that for being my fursuit's debut and also my first time at mfm.  It was my best con by far.  It was not my first con either.  I have been to 7 cons now.  I have been to 2 Megaplexes, 2 FWAs, one AC, and one FC before this.  I never had so much fun either in or out of the suit.  All of the people that I met and made me feel so welcomed, I thank you all so much.  BTW, I am a cuddle slut if you all could tell.  I love being petted and cuddled and scritched.
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MFM [Sep. 8th, 2007|09:20 am]
[mood |ecstaticecstatic]

WHAT A BLAST THAT WAS!!  I had more fun at the con than I have ever had at a furry con.  Its all thanks to being in suit.  The suit was super cute and was an absolute hit with both furry and non furry alike.  I just can't count how many pictures of me were taken, how many times I was cuddled and snuggled and hugged and petted and scritched.
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Second Life Expansion [Aug. 14th, 2007|05:42 am]
[Current Location |state of denial, see I moved hehehe!]
[mood |sleepysleepy]
[music |stuff that goes do re mi fa so la ti do]

Well my planned 3rd island in second life will take some time before it comes to fruition. This was due to an investment going south on me before I could retrieve my capital. We are still working on expansion plans and contingencies for that as well including a couple planned voids and also a planned move of the sims to another area in the valleys. Its some time in the distance for it to occur so don't be concerned with it yet.  I'm sleepy in this cuz Ijust woke up before I run out the door for work.
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Job hunt [Jul. 6th, 2007|08:33 am]
[mood |calmcalm]

Well everyone, I'm praying that my job hunt is finally coming to an end.  I will be living in Virginia if all goes according to plan.  I have been up here in the Nation's capital for the better part of this week, looking for houses and checking the area.  I believe that where I will be working will be very near to the pentagon.  So I will be moving to the big leagues so to speak.  Anyways, today I will most likely put down the deposit to my apartment and head back home to Tallahassee for final word on my job.  This might throw my MFM plans off if I can't get the time off being in a new position and all.  I will be making plans shortly after that for FC.  I liked that one best out of all the cons I have been to.  It was fun, laid back, a non stop riot with all of my friends there. 
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Still job searching [Jun. 8th, 2007|03:58 pm]
[Current Location |Home, where I don't want to be]
[mood |frustratedfrustrated]

I turned down the position going to Iraq, and I am very conflicted about doing so.  I am not in a good mood right now and can only hope that some job posting will finally pan out for me.
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